Chevrolet asked 3DExcite to show how a young family might use a mobile app to facilitate the car configuration process before purchasing a vehicle.
Chevrolet wanted help visualizing how we might connect multiple users in a seamless way across devices, and allow an easy hand-off to the dealership for purchase. Below I have included some frames from a video storytelling piece that I produced that helped show how the concept would work across an interactive wall, mobile, desktop, tablet and finally landing on the phone of a salesperson at the dealership.

The experience began on an interactive wall similar to something that you might encounter in a dealership showroom.

The screen reacted to users passing by the display and invited them to customize the Malibu via text message. 

The experience would ask the user a series of questions like "What's your favorite color?"

Each response would cause the Malibu onscreen to update based on the users selection. 

Users were then able to continue the customization process from their mobile device via a simple dial interface.

Users were able to share their configuration with family or friends through a text message link to continue the build process.

The link would take the new user to the exact configuration and allow for easy collaboration before heading to a dealer.

The app also featured an AR lense that allowed users to see the new vehicle at the home or office.

The vehicle configuration would be placed in frame and allow for a quick personalized photo.

The app alerts the dealership of your arrival and allows easy sharing of the configuration with sales staff.

Agency of Record – 3DExcite - Dassault Systèmes
Executive Creative Director: Chris Wirth
Associate Creative Director: Brian Bono
Associate Creative Director: Nick Sternberg
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