Clear answers, so you can make confident choices about your health and benefits.
What's next? Our digital advocacy model would create trust by answering consumer's questions, then build on that trust by offering them clear guidance on next steps they can take. All so consumers can make confident choices about their health and benefits.
Our solution was to meet consumers needs, then offer the next step. We wanted to help them understand where they currently stood, answer the questions they're already asking us, and increase engagement by suggesting additional questions they may want to think about.
Design Concepts

Directly on the homepage, consumers can go to one place to get answers about care and benefits, manage account balances, and find a provider with a cost estimate for care... all with relevant next step suggestions.

Certified nurse advocates were available 24/7 via video, chat and click to call.

The advocates were the greatest strength of the experience. They were able to provide clear answers and actionable next steps.

Optum Digital provided clear answers on health benefit questions, and insights into what you can expect as you use them. The tool displayed all of the relevant benefit information, and suggested ways consumers could get the most out of their benefits.

Optum Digital would match you up with the right care, based on your needs and preferences. Features included a doctor search and reviews, second opinions, general costs and options, appointment booking and Telehealth.

Optum Digital revealed average costs for a given provider listing, educating consumers on how different care choices impacted them financially. Telehealth was always offered the most cost effective option. In addition we always gave quick access to call 911 for emergencies.

Optum Digital helped consumers understand their health care deductible, out of pocket expenses, and accounts like Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts, and quickly view their balances.

Creative Director: Jen Powers
Associate Creative Director: Steve Fawcett
Associate Creative Director: Brian Bono
UX: Manisha Gupta
Designer: Kory Stokes

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